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The Forgotten Generation Documentary Campaign Video

The Forgotten Generation is a documentary film that aims to record the benefits & detriments related to health care for the geriatric population in the US. We are blessed to have an incredible group of collaborators helping us understand the problems of our elders.

There's something in the air

Earlier this year Scott Frasier, Nick Braun and Kris Swanson learned how to fly with the help of Byron Leisek and Trevor Meeks of Team Fly Halo. They filmed the whole experience, and soon you'll be able to see what it's like to be as free as a bird.

For 2016 we were asked to come up with a fun idea that would make a big splash in the Superbowl for a small town Chevrolet dealer. We had also created their first Superbowl commercial in 2015. This year we wanted to step up our game and have some fun. We came out and shot the entire commercial in one very long and cold night. We were fortunate to have incredible support from the Wild West staff, the Mayor, Police Department, Dini’s staff and of course the owner of the Corvette, David Peri.

This year we’re looking to step it up again. Stay tuned…


This didn't need to happen.

When you train with weights, you are risking injury. Electric Weight has safety built-in. If the machine detects a problem, it will remove the resistance and save you from a potential weightlifting injury. If you have an injury, you’ll need to get the strength back somehow. Lifting weights can potentially cause repeated injuries. Using Electric Weight, you can drop your concentric resistance to almost nothing, then use the eccentric stroke to exercise the muscles. In some cases you may just use the machine to articulate a muscle or joint without any use of your muscles. This is great for regaining mobility

Eccentrics and Rehabilitation

Electric Weight Inventor shares his experience with rehabilitation using eccentric overload training.